Yes, I know how bad that sounds. We’ve all been through those moods when our home felt old and grey, so far from our ideal of a comfortable, clean and cozy household. If those feeling become persistent, the time may have come to plan for a great renovation. But what to make of all that clutter that is obstructing the way to your kitchen? To ensure you don’t stress out to much in your new adventure, follow these quick steps on how to manage your furniture storing during renovation.


This is the first step I take when I’m dealing with just about everything in my life. Just get a bunch of sticky notes and write about all the stuff you’ll be going through during your home’s renovation. Note your future needs and expectations. You can put those papers on a wall, just like people use to do in thriller movies, and organize them in a timeline. When you feel like you’re done brainstorming, ask yourself: what’s the spot every furnishing fits in in this big plan of yours?


A home renovation may also be a great opportunity to do some decluttering. Just like you did in the brainstorming phase, picture in your mind the needs and must-haves of your future life in the household. Don’t hesitate to cut off all the junk that you’ve been hating on for the last few years. They belong to the past. Deal with the garbage. Afterwards, you’ll feel your shoulders become lighter as your dreams of a better life in the house come closer.

Packing up your stuff

You’ll need quite a few big boxes to pack your belongings into. This is such an important stage of the process, since you’ll have to easily relocate all of your stuff once you’ll be done with the renovation. Just don’t mix up a big variety of objects per box. And don’t forget to label them, too. When it comes to big pieces of furniture, a nice choice would be to disassemble them if you have the opportunity. This way you’ll be able to move them easier, thus reducing the struggle and the risk of permanent accidents.

Storing your furniture

If you plan to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or just a little part of your whole household, you may still have an available room to store your boxes and furnishings in. Put the heavier stuff underneath to prevent damage and don’t forget to clear a path in between them, so that you could comfortably access the storage area afterwards. Renting a mobile storage unit may be the proper solution for a greater load. In the case you’re planning for a big renovation that involves the whole house or you just don’t own that extra space, you could check for storage units near your area. E.g. if you live there, just google storage units rancho cucamonga. You’ll be set to choose from one of those many services that guarantee you a safe storing of your furniture and belongings, in a controlled and danger-free environment.