Once you have determined where you would have the most success, you can begin to target in on the individual. This is the step before approaching a female and is the most crucial. Your ability to evaluate a female through their body language isn't easily developed. It takes a lot of practice to key in on a certain female for the most success. There are several important factors that go along with the process of choosing who to approach. You will have to use process of elimination while evaluating each potential female of approach, and ultimately choose which would be most suiting for success. The factors that you will use for elimination are as follows:

  • Social Environment

Who is she with? If she is with a male then you can cross her off of your list. However, if she is arguing with him, your chances of success are a slightly bit higher but are still none the less, low. If she is with a group of friends your chances of success are moderate. If she is alone your chances of success are higher opposed to any other social Environment In most instances when a person is alone in a social Environment they are more accepting of others, hence increasing approach success (in other words, hitting it off well).

  • Physical Appearence

They say to never judge a book by it's cover. We agree with that to a certain extent. For example, if you're a person who hates gothic people, then try to stay away from a female who is apparently gothic! But on a deeper note, under MOST circumstances, a girl who is wearing revealing clothing it can be assumed she is at the social event to either a) look for a mate herself OR b) show off in an arrogant sense.

Most of the time females who dress revealingly are there trying to "score" themselves. If you're looking for a long meaningful relationship, approaching a woman dressed revealingly would lessen your success opposed to approaching a woman dressed humbly.

  • Body Language

Assessing a person based upon their body language isn't easy. It takes practice and skill, and even when you become good at it, it still isn't a bulletproof method of assessment. But on a lighter note it can still help in the process of illumination. If you notice a female groping another male (or a female), you can easily assess that she isn't available. If she isn't showing any signs of physical response, then it can be assumed she is either bored or upset. Facial expressions are very important. You can assess whether a person is sad, lonely, upset, happy, confused, along with many other emotions, just by the expressions on their face. If a female appears to be lonely or bored, these are your best chances of approach success.

With all three of these assessment aspects in mind, you can easily determine who would be the most approach successful female. The absolute best conditions for a successful approach is a girl alone by herself reflecting emotions of boredom or loneliness. Her physical Appearance is relative to your mate criteria. Be sure to read over this several times so you can understand everything to its fullest extent. Go out and practice in public, you'll get better and better as you do it consistently.

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