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The Importance of Major Gifts


Major gifts are an important source of financing, especially when there is a need to implement new, large projects. It is a more efficient way to generate funds for NGOs and can raise up to $50,000 per donation. This can be paid in several installments or just n one. There are various sources of major gifts that an NGO can use for their own benefit. First, there are individuals who are sympathetic towards an NGO, since they are aware of the valuable work such an organization does.  More about this read at Second, corporations are another source to offer gifts for various reasons. They may be engaged in marketing activities or aim to rebrand their name. Corporate managers also have discretionary funds that they may donate to NGOs. Third, private sector for-profit companies undertake corporate social responsibility, and this could involve making donations to organizations that support society. Government departments and philanthropic foundations can also be considered as major donors.

Important information that is needed when seeking major gifts includes a financial worth of the various individuals and organizations, as it determines the expected amount of donation. Additionally, it is necessary to evaluate what these donors� modes of giving grants are.

In soliciting major donors, the main challenge is proving that their money will be well managed. To deal with the problem, one would need to provide the financial statements of the NGO that would show how previous donations were spent. There is also a need to present reports on how the lives of people in the society were transformed due to the work of a particular NGO.

In conclusion, major gift is an important source of financing that NGOs require. It includes grants from corporations and sympathetic individuals. Marketing an NGO is vital in this case in order to encourage more people and organizations to give their donations to the NGO.


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