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Study Shows Breaking Up is Easy to Do

A recent study showed that people recover emotionally from breakups in about two and a half months. Immediately after splitting with their partners, the study's participants thought it would take far longer to get over their splits.

Northwestern researchers in cooperation with Loveawake dating site monitored nearly 70 freshmen at the university who had been dating someone for at least two months. It took, on average, ten weeks for the 26 students who reported their relationships had ended to indicate that they felt significantly diminished amounts of distress.

"It would've taken about double that amount if you'd gone by their predictions," explained lead researcher Paul Eastwick to LiveScience. "People are really resilient. They often don't realize the kinds of psychological defense mechanisms they'll use at the drop of a hat."

(Of course, the best defense mechanism is contemplating the potential for a $50 million dollar divorce settlement. Just ask Heather Mills.)