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Introduction Week [unit]
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Chapter 7: Studying [unit]
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Chapter 10: Academic Planning, Majors, and Careers [unit]
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Veterinary Epidemiology & Economics:
Planning Our Future



Penn Rugby

It's the beginning of a new era for Penn Rugby! After years of talking about it and dreaming about the possibilities, the eight clubs from the Ivy League universities have banded together and formed the Ivy League Rugby Union.

Health for Friends

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Town of Windsor Connecticut's Dog Park

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The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence

The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence works with young people and adults to prevent and respond to bias, harassment, and violence, by providing training, education, and advocacy in schools, colleges, government agencies, non-profit organizations and communities.


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Lifestyle Changes

drinking  and smoking less
reducing anxiety
following a healthy diet and exercising more


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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Chapter 1: Finding Support on Campus [unit]
Powerpoint: Chapter 1 (.ppt, 4222K)
empty [unit]
Chapter 2: Powerpoint (.ppt, 3217K)
Class Schedule (.xlsx, 25K)

Complete the Class Schedule.  Use various colors to highlight the activities you are involved with each day. Include work, classes, rest and recreation.  You will upload a copy of this schedule each week as part of the assignment journal activity.

Chapter 3: Your Learning Style [unit]
Chapter 3: Powerpoint (.ppt, 2380K)
Chapter 4: Critical Thinking in College [unit]
Chapter 4: Powerpoint (.ppt, 1750K)
Chapter 5: Note-Taking [unit]
Chapter 5: Powerpoint (.ppt, 5852K)
Chapter 7: Studying [unit]
Chapter 7: Powerpoint (.ppt, 2322K)
Chapter 8: Test-Taking [unit]
Chapter 8 (.ppt, 1534K)
Chapter 13: Being Socially Smart [unit]
Chapter 13 (.ppt, 2942K)
Chapter 11: Staying Healthy and Reducing Stress [unit]
Chapter 11 (.ppt, 2947K)
Chapter 12: Experiencing Difference [unit]
Chapter 12 (.ppt, 1942K)
Chapter 10: Academic Planning, Majors, and Careers [unit]
Chapter 10 (.ppt, 2837K)
Helpful Tools

These tools will be of great assistance to you throughout this course.

Chapter 9 (.ppt, 1649K)
Chapter 6: Powerpoint (.ppt, 3157K)
GPA Calculator (.xls, 54K)
College Student Budget (.xls, 52K)
Schedule (.docx, 14K)
Career worksheet (.docx, 14K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.


Click on the thumbnail for a full view of the textbook as well as the ISBN.

ASUN Homepage

Important information is located on the ASUN Homepage.  Investigate the homepage by clicking on the tabs "Current Students" and "Student Resources."  After you have investigated all of the valuable resources available to you, use your student log-in information and log into "My ASUN Portal."

Campus Resources

Campus Resource Guide

Academic Support:  

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)-512-7867
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8624
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8715

Career Services:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7838
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8643
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8740
    • Services offered:
      • Professional development seminars
      • Internship assistance
      • On-campus interviewing and recruiting
      • Resume critique services
      • Job Fairs
      • Career and Employer Information

Financial Aid:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7887
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8643
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8728
    • Services offered:
      • Guidance for financial aid forms
      • Assistance completing applications for federal grants
      • Loans
      • Work Study
      • State grants

Disability Services:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)358-8636
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8636
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)358-8636
    • Services offered:
      • Career exploration and testing


  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7806
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)512-7806
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)512-7806


  • ASUN-Newport Campus: (870)512-7706
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8624
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8723

Department of Student Life:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7838
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8643
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8640
  • Student Conduct:  (870)512-7838

Student Disability Services:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus: (870)358-3836
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-3836
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)358-3836
    • Services offered:
      • Accommodations for students with documented disabilities

Information Technology:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7721
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8635
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8739

Center for Academic Retention & Success:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus: (870)512-7876
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus: (870)358-8312
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus: (870)680-8743 or (870)680-8710

Academic Advising:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus: (870)512-7844
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus: (870)358-8619
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8715

Parking Services:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus: (870)512-7866
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)512-7866
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)512-7866

Campus Police:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7866
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)512-7866
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)512-7866

Business Office:

  • ASUN-Newport Campus:  (870)512-7802
  • ASUN-Marked Tree Campus:  (870)358-8699
  • ASUN-Jonesboro Campus:  (870)680-8720

Testing Center:




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