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Everyday Health Care

In the modern society, the issue of health care is one of the most prominent. Due to the external factors such as air pollution or electromagnetic radiation and individual factors such as bad habits or predisposition to particular health issues, people are suffering from different illnesses more often. Although modern medicine has done much research to find the ways of treating and preventing health problems, maintaining good health is much easier than restoring it. Therefore, people now take care of their health not only by visiting doctors periodically for prophylaxis but also by leading a healthy lifestyle. Although healthy lifestyle requires much dedication and self-discipline, prevention of possible health issues by everyday healthcare has become a new trend in the modern society.

The most fundamental requirement for everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle is an absence of bad habits. Most often, these are smoking, alcohol abuse, and narcotic use. Long-term usage of narcotic substances or alcohol may cause serious addiction, which cannot be overcome without professional treatment. Even non-regular use of narcotic substances affects the entire human organism and may cause serious health issues and predisposition to certain illnesses. Drugs addiction leads to numerous health issues, both mental and physical, and the addiction se is considered as an illness too. For example, use of heroin is forbidden almost everywhere, even for medical purposes, due to its harmful influence on the human body. Long-term use may cause various health problems like depression and destruction of body organs. In addition, heroin addicts are in the group of the risk of AIDS. Other types of bad habits, like smoking or alcohol abuse, are more common and are generally accepted by the society.

However, they both are very harmful to health, too. For example, smoking causes addiction and affects the whole organism. The most common health issues associated with smoking are lung and throat cancer, dyspnea, issues of circulatory system, and many others. Moreover, smokers do harm to the health of surrounding people by forcing them to inhale cigarette smoke. Alcohol does not harm people's health in case of moderate use. However, it may cause serious addiction, too. Alcohol abuse negatively influences mental health of an addict leading to degradation and depression, and his/her physical health, damaging human brain, cardiovascular system, liver, stomach, etc. Bad habits like smoking, alcohol abuse, or narcotic usage are not compatible with the healthy lifestyle.

The second requirement for people who decided to lead the healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. Food abuse sometimes may be considered as a bad habit but even in case of moderate consumption of food, daily ration must be balanced. There are some basic rules of the healthy diet, and every person interested in everyday health care has to follow them. It is important not to interrupt the diet. Otherwise, the body will store excessive elements as fat even faster than it would do without a diet. Another rule is to refrain from eating before sleep because human organism does not need a lot of energy at night, so this energy will be transformed into fat. One more rule is to eat often but in small portions. It will result in better food assimilation. Finally, the diet itself must be proper and balanced. The body must receive all of the needed vitamins and amino acids.

One more rule to remember is to property count kilocalories that the organism receives. A healthful diet will help to avoid excessive weight and all the issues which accompany it, like heart issues, for example. Proper nutrition is the basic everyday healthcare habit because it ensures proper body functions and improves the whole immune system.

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