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Commonly asked QA Interview Questions and Answers

If you are searching for QA Interview Questions for Experienced & Freshers, you remain in the right place. Right below Mindmajix sharing a listing of Leading 30+ interview questions on QA. There are a lot of chances from lots of deemed companies in the world. According to a research study, QA has a market share of 0.013%. So, You still have the chance to continue in your profession in QA. Mindmajix provides progressed QA Interview Questions 2021 that assistance you in cracking your interview & obtain a desire profession as QA Developer.

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Below mentioned are the most frequently asked Quality Assurance interview questions. Let's have a look into them

Frequently Asked QA Interview Questions

  • What is Quality Assurance?
  • What are the phases in the defined cycle of Quality Assurance?
  • What exactly do you understand with the term Data-driven Testing?
  • What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?
  • Name a few types of software testing you are familiar with?
  • What do you mean by the term Assurance?
  • What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Testing?

Q1) What is the significance of the Bug Triage?

Ans: It simply makes sure to the experts that the reporting of the bug has been completed. The tasks associated with the assignment and analysis of the bug have been completed. In addition to this, the priority of the bug is also decided by it.

Q2) How well can you define the term quality?

Ans: Well, it doesn’t have a fixed or a specific definition as its scope is not just limited to a few keywords. Quality is basically a term that says a product/service is totally fit for use. You need not worry about anything when it comes to using the product market with this term. It simply means all the expectations, as well as the needs of a customer such as reliability, functionality, design, features, price, durability as well as the accuracy of the product, have been tested.

Q3) What is Quality Assurance?

Ans: It is basically defined as an approach that simply makes sure to the users that the organization which has manufactured a product is offering the best that one can have in a similar price range. It says the product is superior in terms of the standards defined for the manufacturing of the product.

Q5) What are the phases in the defined cycle of Quality Assurance?

Ans: There are four phases of this cycle and they are:

Plan - It states that a business should pay proper attention to the planning and should establish the process which is generally related to the determination of all the goals of a business or its objectives that matters a lot when it comes to delivering a product with top-notch quality.

Do - It defines that both developments, as well as the testing of processes, is important

Check - It denies that paying attention to the processes in terms of finding some irrelevant is important. It let the organizations make sure that the objectives are met or not.

Act - It states that all the actions about the implementation should be paid extreme attention so that the continuous improvement s can be achieved in the processes.

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I hope this will help you to get trained in QA and also get a job. Good Luck!

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