mimpi baik Have you ever experienced a dream in which there are things related to dreams of eating jengkol?

Well, here are the predictions and interpretations of the most complete dreams related to dreams of eating jengkol.

Everyone must have dreamed. For some people, dreams of dreaming of eating jengkol are often considered to be the flower of sleep, so they are sometimes ignored.

But for some others dreaming of a dream of eating jengkol can be considered as a sign or a signal of the arrival of an event, so it must be interpreted or interpreted its meaning.

Dreaming about dreams of eating jengkol can be positive, it can also be negative for your life. Depends on the point of view where we see it.

In the past, dreaming of a dream of eating jengkol would always be associated with the supernatural world. That is, the dream is the result of the intervention of supernatural spirits.

If the dream of eating jengkol is considered a beautiful and happy dream, it is interpreted as the presence of a god or God, 
whereas if you dream of eating jengkol it is considered a nightmare and is considered a sign of the presence of an evil spirit or a demon when sleeping

Dream Criteria According to the Prophet Muhammad
In the history of Auf Bin Malik, Rasulullah Muhammad SAW divided 3 criteria of dreams experienced by humans, namely:

First, nightmares or frightening dreams that come from the devil and make you sad
Second, dreams that alarm someone when they are awake and continue to carry over in their dreams
Third, dreams that become signs from 46 parts of prophethood.
In summary, this hadith divides the dream into 3 major parts, namely a dream which is a whisper of the heart, a dream feared by Satan and a dream which is good news from Allah SWT.

If someone dreams in the first and second categories (whispers of the heart or dreams of being feared by the devil), 
it is advisable not to have to tell others for the sake of peace of mind.