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Why do some people need protein powder?

We all need protein. An average person needs to take about as many grams of protein daily as his/her body weight (in kg). So, if you weigh 80 kg, you should consume about 80 gm or more protein per day.

Now, different people have different ways of meeting their daily protein needs. Some get their protein from food. For others, supplements are a default source of protein.

Well, naturally, the foods are the best ways to get your protein. Depending on whether you're vegan or non-vegan, you can get your protein from a range of food sources, including nuts, eggs, meat, seafood, soy, dairy, beans, and lentils.

Sometimes, either because they’re busy or for some other reason, people tend to skip their important meals such as breakfast and therefore fail to get the proteins and other nutrients they need for the day. Similarly, if you are eating a lot of non-healthy meals or fast foods, they’ll not likely help you meet your protein needs. Other types of people who need protein supplements are bodybuilders and athletes who comparatively need more protein per day than average men and commonly use protein powder to meet the gap.

Protein powders are not unhealthy, contrary to common misconceptions. Most of them are good and do help meet the daily protein needs of the body.

I personally use and recommend organic, plant-based protein powders that are sourced from some of the best natural protein sources in the world. Vegan Pro, for instance, is a 100% naturally sourced, pea-based organic protein powder with around 20gm pure protein per scoop (32gm).

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