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ASU-Newport's MyCampus Online Registration


Begin online registration and scheduling courses online by selecting the Online Registration launch page and entering the required information.

To register for courses in MyCampus
  1. Navigate to My Academics > Online Registration.

  2. Select an Enrollment. If only one enrollment exists, the enrollment is already selected.

  3. Select a Term. If only one term exists, the term is already selected.

    Registration Status

    The enrollment and term selection determine your online registration status. You cannot proceed to Step 1 of the Online Registration until you select a valid enrollment and term. 

  4. Click Select. The Registration Status for the course in the selected term and enrollment is displayed. Details of your previously registered courses are also displayed.

    Online Registration

  5. The Registration Status information may include the following (depending on the CampusNexus Student configuration):

    • Term Period - the term period for the course being registered.

    • Registration Period Starts - the date when you can begin to register courses for this enrollment and term.

    • Last Day to Add - courses must be added to this enrollment and term no later than this date.

    • Last Day to Drop - courses must be dropped from this enrollment and term no later than this date.

    • Status - the status for this enrollment is Open (available for online registration) or Closed (not available for online registration).

    Important Information About Registration Locks:

    If the Status column in the Registration Status section displays Schedule Change Lock for a Parent term or a Standard term, you cannot proceed to Step 1 of the Online Registration. If there is a status of Schedule Change Lock for a Child term when term relationship is ON, a message about the lock is displayed and you cannot add or remove any courses in Step 1 of the Online Registration.

  6. Verify the information displayed. Registered courses are displayed along with their current status. 

  7. Click Begin Online Registration to proceed to Step 1 - Select Courses.

    — OR —

    Click Registration Assistant to view a list of suggested courses in the upcoming term. For more details, see Registration Assistant.