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Once the client is installed on your computer, you can go to the next section “Logging in to VMware Horizon Client.” The benefit of the Horizon Client is that it will allow you to print to your local home printer and connect USB drives. We’ve also noticed it is a bit faster than using the browser (HTML).

1. Go to in your web browser. If you receive an error as below (“There is a problem with the website’s security certificate”), you can click on “Continue to this website” to get past it. Please note this is in Internet Explorer 11. The message may look a little different in Chrome/Firefox/Safari.

2. You should now be presented with two choices as below: Click on the “Install VMware Horizon Client” link and you will be taken to the VMware website where you can download the client software. Click on the appropriate one for your operating system. Windows Users – VMware Horizon Client for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit depending on your computer). Mac Users – VMware Horizon Client for Mac.  T

3. Once you download the VMware Horizon Client, install it on your computer. Click “Next” through the steps until it is installed. If it asks for a “Default Horizon Connection Server”, enter in the box, then click Next and finish the installation. It should create an icon on the Desktop / Start Menu, or Application Folder for Mac. It should look similar to this: The installation is now complete. You may need to reboot / restart your computer when finished before you can connect.

Logging in to VMware Horizon Client

1. Start the VMware Horizon Client. If you entered a Default Horizon Connection Server, then you should see it ( Double-click to launch. Again, you may get an security message pop-up about the identity of the server. It is fine, just click on “Continue”.

2. You should now see a login screen: Log in using your ASU-Newport email and password. The same email address and password you would use in the classroom or office to log into your computer. Click “Login”.

3. Once you sign in you will see a link (or several links, depending on your assignment) to connect to a desktop. Everyone should have the CMSD Desktop. Double-click on the picture of the monitor to launch the desktop you want to use.

4. After the usual wait for login, you should see a desktop. Congratulations! You are now connected. Normally, the client launches Full Screen, taking up your entire computer screen. If you want, you can resize it. Please be aware that the Taskbar you see is from YOUR computer, not the remote VMware View desktop. Make sure you use the icons in the folders to launch programs.

When you are in a program (like Word or Excel) and choose “Print”, you will be able to print to your local home printer through the VMware Horizon Client. This is one of the benefits of using the client over the browser (HTML). You can also connect to a USB drive that you plug into your home computer. This is accomplished by plugging the drive into your computer, then clicking on the “Connect USB Drive” drop down and selecting the drive from the list. Please be aware you will be disconnected after 45 minutes of no activity. You must email or tranfer your homework prior to exiting Mycloud. Once you are logged out the virtual enviroment refreshes. This will delete all settings and documents you have saved.